Ich Sehe es Anders (I See It Differently)

Ich Sehe es Anders (I See It Differently)

‘The body is our frame of reference from which we see the world. If you are too close to a wall, with your nose facing that wall, the wall becomes an obstacle. If you look up, you amplify its height. If you have your back against the wall, it becomes a frame in which you appear. This makes the human body a medium that can change the meaning of the surroundings.’

Choreographers Anja Reinhardt and Yuri Bongers of Vloeistof will take you on a journey to experience their way of viewing the physical space. What is the impact of everyday movements? How do you manipulate the space and how can you make a spectator see what you want him to see? When does it become poetic, when is it funny? In this workshop you will try to find answers to these questions. Your research will take the shape of observations, experiments and improvisations. The workshop will parlty take place in a public space.

Bring with you: Please wear clothes you are comfortable moving in, and be prepared to work both indoors and outdoors. Wear comfortable shoes.


 interested? send us an email. this workshop was a.o. on the programm of 'just another day' of artez academy in arnhem (feb 2014)