Take a seat in the Pulitzer interior of our fancy Sedan.

And just look at the world differently, for change. Behind the slightly tinted windows of a Volvo 740, a safe cocoon in an underground car park, you see a woman, alone. Your eyes follow her; you keep turning your head, trying to keep up with her. Music plays from a car radio. Dark beats give colour to the sterile, grey parking spots. The concrete entourage transforms into a filmic dance… Are you safe at all…?

autosalon is a short performance that could be set in a parking garage as well as in a forest, or in an abandoned part of a park. A thrilling performance that you experience from a Volvo 740.


autosalon staat actief op het repetoire en duikt op onverwachte plekken op. binnenkort nieuwe speeldata. autosalon was o.a. te zien bij het Kröller-Müller Museum, festival diep in het bos (brussel), de dansnacht (tilburg) opening theater de nieuwe kolk (assen), verboden landschap i.s.m g.a.n.g. (arnhem) eco landenfestival (amsterdam), dutch-china spring dance festival nanijng, china.