I love you but you hold me back

I love you but you hold me back

Intimate contact. You long for it. But by living so close to each other, you lose perspective on yourself and the other. Still you try to keep control. Even if it’s only in your head. Will you eventually be able to surrender completely?

With an intriguing duet, Vloeistof zooms in on living together as a very vulnerable process. Switching between metaphors and real battles, it brings the alienation between two individuals -looking for intimate connections- dangerously close.

Slightly from above, you watch the dancers. They two move over and against each other. And while they move over the floor, they constantly keep in touch. The dancers search and wrestle, it shows you the ever-growing critical situations in their relationship. They try to get a grip on the body of the other, but they’re so close to each other that every single shift of weight or the slightest change of

direction causes the relationship to change. In this performance Vloeistof departs from limitations and intentionally puts us through them. This creates a visual battle of friction, challenge, failure and trying again. Spoken words show you the details and that what happens inside the mind. You get a clear view at the discrepancies and miscommunications. Not only from the dancers, but also from yourself as a viewer.

Sometimes you get moved by the vulnerability of a person who’s always searching for love. And sometimes you catch yourself spying on other spectators. Playing with your perceptions; that’s without a doubt the main strength of Vloeistof. Before you know it, you’ve become a spectator of your own mind. The performance was played in theatres such as…