bio vloeistof

Telling you a visual story, that’s what we do.
Against the grain, but always open to everyone.

Vloeistof invites you to take a closer look; after all, the body often talks, unseen.
From this every-day-life beauty, we create dance performances.
We present our audience familiar places or characteristic behaviour and give them a different view on these subjects.

Dance should be meaningful; dance should be stripped of all unnecessary decorations. That’s what we think.
On this website we show you what we create, and where we perform. Welcome…!

anja reinhardt and yuri bongers

Vloeistof challenges the audience’s perceptions of space by using the body as a medium.
The performances focus mainly on human behavior in an urban modern setting, bringing
out absurd, funny, and poetic elements. Also vital to the performances are the audience’s
reactions and interactions. The pieces are lived through and experienced rather than
merely watched from the sidelines. As a spectator you become directly involved in the
piece, and your collective experiences contribute to its overall content.

Vloeistof was founded in 2000 by choreographers Anja Reinhardt and Yuri Bongers.
Yearly they show 100 performances and interventions at festivals, theaters and in public space.

Yuri and Anja are inspired by the beauty of the every day. With simple means and effective
use of space, their intriguing performances reflect on human interaction. In the popular
performance “Welcome to the Outside World”, the audience is seated in a car, observing
the unorchestrated citylife subtly distorted by choreographic interventions. Protected by
the cage of glass and steel you can freely and unabashedly spy on the passers-by. Until
suddenly the scene changes completely: the car draws al attention and the passers-by
become spectators of a conspiracy, you are part of. The gaze falls on you: you become
aware of yourself as a voyeur.

“This performance does’t only changes your way of looking, it also puts you in a different state of mind"
“A mirror of everyday human failure which is regularly polished with remarkable humor.” (BD, newspaper)
“A dance experience that provides you with a different perspective on dance”

Vloeistof is based in the Netherlands, but performs internationally.