welcome to the outsideworld!

welcome to the outsideworld!

Dance outside, in the public space. From behind the lightly tinted windows of a luxury Volvo740, parked along a busy street, the audience watches the performance. Welcome to the outside world is a dance experience that provides you a different perspective on dance and makes you aware of your perceptions on behavior in the urban environment. in a striking way this piece exposes questions how we relate to one another in the urban world.
in a car you can surreptitiously and unabashedly spy on the passersby. you are part of the whole, but separated from the outside world. protected by the cage of glass and steel you are an anonymous voyeur who sees and experiences intimacy. you become aware of yourself as a voyeur.

vloeistof places its dancers in the unorchestrated reality of a road. cyclists, cars, trucks and pedestrians pass by. the frame of the window provides the cadre though which all seems to have a purpose. what do I see? where should I look? what is fake? who is in the plot? and who is watching? what do I expect? in this setting vloeistof uses a suspension that teases. with subtile distortions and interventions the choreographers-duo in a striking manner discloses behavior in the urban environment.
a dance experience that provides you with a different perspective of dance

“before you know it you are part of the cast. passer-by also get a perfromance. exciting, intimidating, chilling and very well put together. thanks!”

“beautiful and provocative! especially the alternation of spying on someone outside the car and suddenly being spied upon yourself,- the interaction in the car itself between the viewers,-the question whether you look more at the dancers or more to the reactions of the passersby, -towards the end: the dancers are so far away that you realize yourself that you usually never look at objects that far away....”


coproduction dansateliers

pre-research at dansmakers amsterdam

among others showed at > Gessnerallee (invisible zürichs) festival witte de with (rotterdam), young arts festival (vlissingen), Dimanche Rouge (Helsinki), het parcours/theater aan het vrijthof (m'tricht), festival zwart(Zwolle), cultuurnacht (tilburg), cc hasselt (belgië), international streetfestival (Leeuwarden), Onderstroom (Vlissingen), Fabriek Magnifique (Veghel), museumnacht (St.Gallen, Stein am Rhein), frasq (paris) Nederlandse Dansdagen (maastricht)